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Lawmakers say SB 1078 will help protect schools
May 23, 2018

Pennsylvania Senate bill 1078 aims to give school administrators permission to be more tight-lipped when it comes to how they are protecting your children. Leaders say executive sessions are generally [...]

PA lawmakers advance redistricting overhaul as deadline looms
May 23, 2018

State lawmakers have advanced a bill that would change the state's constitution to put its congressional district map in the hands of an citizens' commission, one whose 11 members would be chosen by el [...]

Local schools fight Pennsylvania bill that would divert public education money to private schools
May 23, 2018

School districts across the region are lining up to fight a bill that would siphon state tax dollars from struggling public schools to pay for private school tuition.
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, May 22, [...]

Declaration of Emergencies
April 11, 2018

Act 4 of 2016, Section 1505, signed into law on February 16, 2016, allows the Secretary of Education to issue a weather, safety, or health related emergency declaration for a school entity or a charter [...]


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