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What does 'whole child education' really mean?
July 19, 2019

Offering a whole child education is presented as an academic approach in some definitions and as an integration of health and well-being in a student’s life in others.   Full Story [...]

PIAA denies request to add games to baseball regular season
July 19, 2019

The high school baseball regular season will continue with a 20-game limit after the PIAA denied a request to add more contests. The PIAA board on Wednesday rejected a recommendation from the PIAA base [...]

Gov. Wolf again pushes statewide broadband expansion and gas severance tax to fund it
July 19, 2019

Flanked by business and government leaders from rural Pennsylvania, Wolf said at a Thursday press conference that he’s “all ears” to any other way the state can come up with $4.5 bill [...]


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Schools That Teach
October 22, 2018

On Monday, Governor Tom Wolf announced his intention to sign Senate Bill 1095, which reduces the reliance on high stakes testing as a graduation requirement and provides alternatives for high school st [...]

PA Education Leaders Rally at Capitol in Support of Pennsylvania Students and Public Education
June 19, 2018

  Principals, superintendents and other education leaders and staff from the Pennsylvania Principals Association, the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators (PASA) and the Pennsylvania [...]

Declaration of Emergencies
April 11, 2018

Act 4 of 2016, Section 1505, signed into law on February 16, 2016, allows the Secretary of Education to issue a weather, safety, or health related emergency declaration for a school entity or a charter [...]


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