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Report: Charter-school popularity, costs grow in PA suburbs, but academic results mixed
March 16, 2018

While charter-school enrollments — and costs — are growing in Philadelphia’s collar counties, their academic results constitute a “mixed bag,” with cyber-charter pupils in [...]

Gov. Wolf creates PA school safety task force
March 16, 2018

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf has created a new statewide task force to examine ways to improve safety for the state’s schoolchildren.
WHYY, March 15, 2018
Full story [...]

PA Principals Association Member Testifies on School Safety at House Education Hearing
March 15, 2018

Jonathan Bauer, principal at Upper Merion Area HS, testifies on school safety today at House Education Hearing on behalf of the
PA Principals Association.   Jon Bauer Testifies on School Safety [...]


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