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The Pennsylvania Administrator is the PA Principals Association’s award-winning, professional, educational magazine. It is published in the Winter, Spring and Fall.

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Legal CornerThe Pennsylvania Administrator, Vol. 17, No. 3, September 2013: Responding to Complaints — Best Practices – by Michael I. Levin, Esq., PA Principals Association General Counsel

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Click here to view and print Appendix 1 from the Legal Corner column, Improvement Plans and Ratings — Applying Progressive Discipline Rules to New School Code Requirements,” by Mike Levin, Esq., in the February 2013 PA Administrator magazine. It is referred to in the article.

Click here to view and print Chart/Figure 2 from the article, What School Administrators Think About Their School Library Programs,” by Debra Kachel on pages 33-35 of the September 2012 Pennsylvania Administrator magazine.

Click here to view and print the “Rules Pertaining to Electronic Device Usage” from the most recent Legal Corner column by Mike Levin, Esq., in the May 2012 PA Administrator magazine. It is referred to in the end notes.