PA Principals Association

By becoming a member of PA Principals Association, you’ll receive many benefits including:

  • General advice and counseling by veteran administrators and experienced professionals
  • General Counsel and regional attorneys
  • Legal advice
  • Staff development/training, including Act 45 PIL programs, leadership seminars, legal workshops, regional meetings, etc.
  • Annual state conference
  • Committee work
  • Regional membership involvement
  • Legislative support and advocacy at the state and federal levels
  • Coordinated legislative agenda
  • Legislative updates
  • Representation at legislative and regulatory meetings
  • Liaison with the Pennsylvania Department of Education, the State Board of Education and other professional associations and state agencies
  • Act 93 support and assistance
  • Act 93 consultations and help in developing compensation plans
  • Sharing programs
  • Advisory e-newsletter (sent electronically 6 times a year, focuses on various state-level legislative, regulatory and educational issues)
  • Publications on regulations, employment rights, Act 93, alternative education, sexual harassment guidelines, parental rights, pupil services, student activity funds and more
  • Web site –
  • Salary information data tool available on our website
  • Broadcast email messages
  • Job Ramp feature available on our website
  • Principal Search Services
  • The Pennsylvania Administrator (our award-winning magazine published in Winter, Spring and Fall, captures trends in schooling and the latest news on education and related issues in Pennsylvania)

Join the Pennsylvania Principals Association

Membership Dues’ Increase

An annual dues’ increase for your PA Principals Association membership will go into effect on July 1, 2022. All Active Memberships will be $605. This increase will be reflected in our July renewal notices.