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Pennsylvania Schools See Increase in Unsolved Bomb Threats
August 22, 2016

Data from the Pennsylvania Department of Education shows an increase in unsolved bomb threats in its public schools over the last three academic years, but a general decrease in terroristic threats.
Cl [...]

‘Demand is Still There’: New State Law Expands Pool of Available Substitute Teachers
August 22, 2016

In 2015, approximately 6,000 people pursued teacher certification in Pennsylvania, down from 16,000 just three years earlier. The need for substitute teachers, however, hasn’t lessened at al [...]

State Lawmakers Focus on After School Programs
August 22, 2016

A newly formed legislative panel wants to ensure that what students learn while in school doesn't get lost once the bell rings. The bipartisan Legislative After School Caucus is made up of 31 Hous [...]


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