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Cyber Debate Reignites in Harrisburg
July 21, 2016

A festering dispute over the state's 13 cyber schools, their funding and students' sagging test scores has reignited in Harrisburg and will continue into the fall.
Click here for full article. (Subscri [...]

In Erie, a Microcosm of Pennsylvania's Struggle for Education Equity
July 21, 2016

Urban school districts in Pennsylvania face a particularly cruel logic. They serve the poorest, most needy students, yet, when it comes to state funding per pupil, most of them don't make the top [...]

National News: Schools Prepare to Confront Questions on Race and Policing
July 21, 2016

As the nation responds to the aftermath of another spate of high-profile police-related shootings, educators are wading, once again, into thorny issues of police violence, bias, and America's still unf [...]


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