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Please check back here for important updates from the three Regional Service Specialists:

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Principals Rock!: An Update from Your RSS

Principals Rock! You may recall completing a brief survey that was sent to all association members this past fall. Thank you for taking the time to submit your responses which will help the Regional Service Specialists (RSS), Dr. Dina Wert (East), Susan Martin (Central), Cindy Zajac (West), support your role as principals. The survey was created to purposefully delineate how we can prioritize activities and professional development opportunities in preferred settings for all principals (new and experienced). Thanks to your willingness to complete the survey, and thoughtfully share your comments, we now have some guidance and perspective on how the PA Principals Association might better support your needs!

What Do You Want? Networking, mentoring and engagement were overwhelming themes of the survey results. According to the survey, the overwhelming majority of all principals indicated a need for networking, and principals within their first five years want mentoring opportunities. Experienced principals (5 years+) showed a willingness to help new principals through guidance and informal mentoring experiences. In addition to networking and mentoring, the survey indicated the topic of engagement as a priority. Principals are looking for opportunities to engage students and staff in building-wide and classroom instructional activities. We can help!

How We Can Help. The Regional Service Specialists, along with Dr. Eric Eshbach and Dr. Michael Snell, have outlined some opportunities to address some of the needs presented in the survey. Check it out!

  • 4:00 Virtual PD Opportunities – Look for the dates and register to receive the link to these FREE professional development opportunities (scheduled for 4:00 p.m.) that will address school-wide and instructional engagement. Teacher Appreciation Ideas is a topic that is rounding the corner.
  • Nothing but “NET” working – Think March Madness! These sessions will provide a time where you and your peers can virtually meet to “network” regarding topics of choice. Look for upcoming dates for Nothing but “NET” working as well as a simple one-question survey that will help determine the topic(s) of discussion that YOU want and need.
  • Launching Leadership – PA Principals Association is in the process of developing a series of sessions specific to the needs of new administrators. The planning process has begun, so if you are a new principal, look forward to the opportunity to participate in engaging dialogue and activities designed to provide you with first-year guidance on the rewarding, yet difficult, role of principal.
  • The Team – PA principals will be able to develop team-building skills that will create a leadership climate of collaboration and success. Principals and Assistant Principals are an example of a “team” that can work through this professional development opportunity designed to expand their effectiveness in their schools.

Moving Forward. This year has been an exciting one! We look forward to continuing to work together on opportunities that provide growth, resources and leadership for all members. As once said by John F. Kennedy, “Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.” Let’s continue this constant evolution of learning and leading. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Regional Service Specialists regarding the survey, professional development or any other thought, question, concern you may have. This journey of working together continues to be a pleasure.

PA Principals Association Welcomes Three
Regional Service Specialists

Regional Service Specialists (RSS) Dr. Dina Wert, Susan Martin and Cynthia Zajac recently joined the PA Principals Association’s staff to provide support and assistance to me

From left to right: Regional Service Specialists, Cynthia Zajac (West Region), Dr. Dina Wert (East Region) and Susan Martin (Central Region).

mbers in each of the three regions across Pennsylvania: East (I, II, III), Central (I, II, III) and West (I, II, III). Dina, who retired in 2019 after serving as an educator for 34 years, will be serving members in the East Region; Susan, who retired in August 2022 after 34 years of educational service, will be serving members in the Central Region; and Cynthia, who retired in July 2022 after 33 years in education, will be serving members in the West Region.

The Regional Service Specialists will report to the Executive Director and provide professional support to Association members, support regional board members with region activities, ensure the successful operation of professional learning activities and assist with membership development.

   Dina retired as Principal of West Bradford Elementary School in the Downingtown Area School District. Her 34 years in public education have taken her from the Wyomissing Area School District to Wilson (West Lawn) School District and the Downingtown Area School District, retiring with 17 years in the principalship. She has been a member of the PA Principals Association for 21 years. In addition, Dina is a National Distinguished Principal (2013) and has supported both the PA Principals Association and the National Association of Elementary School Principals in various roles. She is a PIL facilitator for the PA Department of Education (PDE) and is excited for this new venue to further support our PA principals.

   Cynthia retired as Principal of Rolling Ridge Elementary School in the Harbor Creek School District (near Erie) after working 33 years in the district. She was a teacher, instructional coach and a math specialist and has delivered professional development in a variety of settings. In addition, she is a PIL facilitator for PDE. Cynthia is a proud member of the PA Principals Association and is looking forward to collaborating with and supporting PA principals.

   Susan retired as Principal of Nancy Grayson Elementary School in the Shippensburg Area School District. She also has experience as a middle school teacher and an elementary school counselor. She’s been a member of the PA Principals Association for 22 years. Susan is excited and anxious to begin working with and providing support to members in the Central Region and principals in PA.

According to Dr. Eric Eshbach, PA Principals Association Executive Director, “The addition of these Regional Service Specialists begins a new era as the PA Principals Association engages in multiple efforts to take our signature services out to the members. We realize that it is not possible for members to always come to us when they are in need. These three specialists are highly successful principals who understand the challenges our members face. I am excited about the opportunities that now exist thanks to their expertise as principals and dedication to our association.”

The Regional Service Specialists may be contacted directly at: Dr. Dina Wert –; Susan Martin –; and Cynthia Zajac –