School Leader Paradigm


Brief definitions of a learning leader and learning organization are shared below:

Learning Leader: A leader who uses personal, social and systems intelligences to transform a school into a learning organization through a mindset of growth, service and cultural responsiveness.

Learning Organization: An organization that uses ongoing cycles of inquiry to drive a student-centered culture, vision- and mission-focused systems and reflective learning practices that results in producing equitable opportunities and outcomes for students and adults.

The School Leader Paradigm: Becoming While Doing booklet is a product of the PA Principals Association and other associations in the nationwide School Leader Collaborative. It describes our national problem of practice, our theory of action, the paradigm itself, the cycle of inquiry and more.

The book incorporates the National Association of Secondary School Principals’ new publication, Building Ranks: A Comprehensive Framework for Effective School Leaders.

Click here for the School Leader Paradigm – Becoming While Doing booklet (PDF).