PCCD releases updated model threat assessment procedures and guidelines, offers training

The Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency (PCCD) recently published a second edition of its Model K-12 Threat Assessment Procedures & Guidelines, which were first adopted by the School Safety and Security Committee in 2019 pursuant to Act 18. The guidelines have been revised to align with changes recently enacted through Act 55 of 2022 and reflect current best practice.

In addition, PCCD and its partner, Risk and Strategic Management (RSM) Corporation, are rolling out new training and technical assistance opportunities as part of the Pennsylvania K-12 Threat Assessment Training & Technical Assistance Network initiative. In addition to the free online training course available through the Network’s website, PCCD has announced newly scheduled regional training sessions. Learn more and register for sessions here. The aim of the training is to provide Threat Assessment Teams and those working alongside them with knowledge and skills enabling them to confidently operate the Threat Assessment process, consistent with PCCD’s Model K-12 Threat Assessment Procedures and Guidelines.

PCCD and RSM have also recently launched a new scenario-based training program available for school entities, which builds on the concepts introduced in the online and regional training sessions. To request a session, please utilize the ‘Technical Assistance Request Form’ on the Network’s site.

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Source: PCCD, 2022.