NJPSA’s “Stand Up Say No to Bullying” Curriculum Available to PA Schools!

The PA Principals Association is pleased to announce that it has recently partnered with the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association (NJPSA) and the Foundation for Educational Administration, Inc. (FEA is the professional development division of the NJPSA) to promote their “Stand Up Say No to Bullying” anti-bullying curriculum. This flexible, web-based curriculum for students in grades 5-9, includes five basic lessons with activities that have students rewriting scripts, acting out scenes and discussing and reviewing video clips and scenarios designed to elicit student participation.

Over a year ago, the NJPSA was approached by the producer of an award-winning movie, Contest, which aired on the Cartoon Network and deals with bullying in an entertaining and thoughtful manner. Shortly following its on-air premiere, they were asked to develop educational materials to help send an important message to students in grades 5-9, “Stand Up Say No to Bullying.” This new curriculum can be used independently or after viewing the movie. These lessons help schools set clear expectations for student behavior when it comes to dealing with both bullying and normal social conflict. Students will learn the following:
  • To identify the elements of bullying
  • To distinguish bullying from normal conflict
  • The positive and negative impact of bystanders
  • How to be an “upstander”
  • The specific tools to use when witnessing bullying or when engaged in normal conflict
  • The importance of real friendships
Educators spend a significant amount of time dealing with conflict among students. The Stand Up Say No to Bullying curriculum helps to build a consistent language and a consistent approach to dealing with conflict across a school community. Using clips from the movie, the voices of actors and real students and engaging classroom activities, the curriculum sends a strong message – bystanders need to embrace their power as “Upstanders” and share responsibility for creating a positive school climate.

Perhaps the best way to understand how you could use this curriculum to improve the climate in your school is to take a look at
the www.standupsayno.com web site so you can learn more about the various modules in the curriculum. There is even a preview page that will give you free access to a few of the video clips, objectives and handouts that are included in the modules.

The cost for a one-year school license, which allows all the teachers in your building to access the entire curriculum, is only $550 and can be purchased
at standupsayno.com. However, if you buy the curriculum before December 31, 2015, NJPSA will discount the cost to only $500. If you are interested in learning more about this great opportunity or have questions regarding how you can use the “Stand Up Say No to Bullying” curriculum, please contact Barbara Gantwerk, FEA’s coordinator of special projects, at 609-860-1200.