2012 AYP Data Corrections

On July 23, 2012, school districts and schools were able to access Preliminary District Student Data Files at www.drc-web.com/reportdelivery and the Preliminary AYP System at www.drc-web.com/aypappeals. Due to continued concerns about incorrect AYP data, the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has determined that it is of the utmost importance that AYP data be corrected. Therefore, it will be implementing the following process and procedure to deal with the correction of data affecting AYP this year:

1)  School districts and schools with incorrect data must download and complete the 2012 AYP Data Correction Forms found at:

NOTE:  This process is separate and distinct from the AYP Appeal Procedure. If you believe your AYP status is incorrect for statistical or other substantive reasons, not because of incorrect data, these issues should be addressed in an AYP appeal and are subject to AYP appeal review. Also, note that incorrect attribution of students is NOT considered a data correction. Attribution issues must be handled via the 2012 AYP Appeals Process using the appropriate AYP Appeal Forms found at: http://www.portal.state.pa.us/portal/server.pt/community/2012_ayp/20803/2012_appeals_process/1195455

2) To complete the data correction the following must be included:

2012 AYP Data Correction Form

  • Including evidence to support the data correction  EXAMPLE:  Proof that a student who is incorrectly coded as not having an IEP does have an IEP.

2012 AYP Data Correction Contact Information and Accuracy Certification

2012 AYP Data Correction Calculation Worksheets – ALL of the following must be completed and included:

  • Status Calculation
  • Confidence Interval Calculation
  • Two-Year Uniform Average Calculation
  • Confidence Interval for Two-Year Uniform Average Calculation
  • Safe Harbor Calculation
  • Safe Harbor Confidence Interval Calculation
  • Growth Calculation

Complete ONLY the worksheets for each subject and group/subgroup affected by the data correction.

REMINDER: Changing the data for one group/subgroup may affect additional groups/subgroups, therefore, the submission of the Calculation Worksheets for those affected groups/subgroups is also required.

2012 PIMS Request for Override of AYP Data Form

Completed Data Correction Electronic Template with corrected data inserted. Please copy and paste the incorrect data directly from your District Student Data File found on the DRC Report Delivery website into the template and then make the correction. Email the completed Data Correction template by Aug. 7, 2012 to Dana Klouser at dklouser@pa.gov with your LEA or LEA/school in the subject line of the email.

3) The 2012 AYP Data Correction Packet must be completed in its entirety (original signature is required) and mailed to:  

Dana Klouser
Pennsylvania Department of Education
Bureau of Assessment and Accountability
333 Market Street – 9th Floor
Harrisburg, PA  17126-0333

Incomplete Data Correction Forms will NOT be reviewed and processed.

Data Corrections with a postmark after August 7, 2012 cannot be accepted.