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Editorial Review Board

Dr. Mark A. Abbondanza, Canon-McMillan S.D.
Daniel L. Daum, Corry A.S.D.
Dr. Beth A. Haldeman, Cocalico S.D.
Mark R. Harrington, Hollidaysburg A.S.D.
Richard P. Houseknecht, Pennsbury S.D. (Ret.)
Dr. Jonathan G. Ross, Downingtown A.S.D.
Dr. Deborah L. Weaver, Elizabethtown A.S.D. (Ret.)

The Pennsylvania Principals Association produces The Pennsylvania Administrator, published three times a year in February, May and September. This publication attempts to capture trends in education and the latest news on education and related issues. The Editorial Board of The Pennsylvania Administrator urges members to submit articles on programs and practices that work and also manuscript-like articles on educational topics. Submissions are accepted year-round and are reviewed by the editor and the Editorial Board of the PA Principals Association.


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