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Thursday, August 10, 2017 12:33 PM

Are you a principal or assistant principal thinking about moving forward in their education journey into central office administration and perhaps even the superintendency?

Pennsylvania needs strong educational leaders to manage and direct our public schools moving forward. PASA want to ensure that anyone considering moving into higher positions of education leadership, whether central office or the superintendency, goes forward with the most information possible BEFORE taking on a new role.

That is why PASA is again offering the “Aspiring to Leadership” workshops this year, workshops designed to provide practical information and tools to assist those considering a future career as a district cabinet-level leader and/or superintendent.

And we are happy to tell you that this year we are offering these workshops conveniently in two locations:

Westmoreland I.U. 7 (Greensburg)

* Wednesday, Nov. 1: Aspiring to the Superintendency

* Thursday, Nov. 2: Aspiring to Cabinet Level/Central Office Leadership

PASA Office – (Harrisburg)
* January 31: Aspiring to Cabinet Level/Central Office Leadership
* February 1: Aspiring to the Superintendency

Focus of Each Workshop:

-Aspiring to the Superintendency: This workshop will provide an overview of the role, responsibilities and rewards of serving as a superintendent; the balancing of responsibilities in order to prioritize instructional leadership; knowing yourself as a leader and finding the right match; negotiating a sound contract; and entry planning and transition.

-Aspiring to Cabinet Level/Central Office Leadership: This workshop will provide an overview of cabinet positions; team building via varied attributes, skill sets and work styles; best practices, and related interview simulations; and actions for transitioning to the new role.

Registration: Cost for each one-day session is $159 (includes lunch and materials). Registration and schedule information is available on the PASA website at www.pasa-net.org/aspiring.

Get ready for the next stage in your professional leadership journey!

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