Appointment of President-Elect — Kurt J. Nyquist

In July, Dr. Joshua Doll our president-elect, was appointed by the Dallastown Area School District as the assistant superintendent, therefore it became necessary, in accordance with PA Principals Association’ss by-laws, for Dr. Doll to resign as president-elect.

When the resignation of an officer occurs, the by-laws require the following process be followed for selection of a replacement:  1) Inform the Board of the resignation and solicit Board member letters of interest in assuming the position; and 2) The Executive Committee reviews the letters of interest and selects a replacement. This process was followed. The Executive Committee received two letters of interest from current Board members.

The Executive Committee of PA Principals Association has announced that it has appointed Kurt J. Nyquist, principal of Penns Valley Elementary and Intermediate School in the Penns Valley Area School District, to fill Dr. Doll’s vacated position of president-elect of PA Principals Association

PA Principals Association is pleased that such a qualified candidate has stepped forward to fill this important position.