Special Act 48 Notice

Under the new Act 48 of 1999, continuous professional development, local education agency committees will determine which programs and services will be approved providers of professional development. PA Principals Association urges all members to ensure that the administrator representative on the LEA Professional Development Committee for your district makes sure that the following organizations are approved to provide professional development: PA Principals Association, NASSP, NAESP and the Pennsylvania Educational Leadership Foundation, the foundation of PA Principals Association. This ensures all members and other administrators and administrative candidates that participating in any and all of these organizations’ conferences, workshops and seminars provide the appropriate hours of professional development required to maintain one’s eligibility to be employed in Pennsylvania schools.

Membership Dues’ Increase

An annual dues’ increase for your PA Principals Association membership will go into effect on July 1, 2022. All Active Memberships will be $605. This increase will be reflected in our July renewal notices.