Important Update on Act 45 PIL Hours

Urgent and Important Information from PA Principals Association

Act 45 Alert
You must meet the new requirements by June 30, 2010
to maintain your principal’s certification.

On January 1, 2008, new requirements to maintain your principal’s certification were put in place by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). Act 45 requires principals to have a certain blend of Act 48 and PIL hours (Act 45) in place to maintain certification. Many members have been confused by the change, and we want to make certain that you are sure to maintain your certification. Unlike Act 48 requirements, no warnings will be issued by the Department to principals who do not have the required hours.

This alert is intended to address three basic concerns that each of you
should have:

  1. How do I know how many hours I have earned and be certain they
    are registered with the state?
  2. How do I get PIL hours (Act 45) between now and June 30, 2010 if I
    need them, and what offerings are available from the state and other
  3. If I am unable to get into the courses/programs that are offered, how
    do I request an extension?

We recommend that you take the following steps as soon as possible:

  1. Check the official number of hours the state has on record for you.

    This can be done by going to:
    You will need your Professional Personnel ID number (PP ID number) or your Social Security number – instructions to obtain your PP ID number are available at this web site. In some cases, your human resources department may provide you with your number. Copy the state’s official record of your hours – these will be divided into Act 48 hours and PIL hours (Act 45). It will indicate how many of each type of hours you need to maintain your certification before June 30, 2010.

    Graduate credits (3 credits = 90 hours) obtained in a program leading to a letter of eligibility should count, however some universities have failed to place those courses on record and they do not appear as hours for you. In this case, you should alert PDE and your graduate school that the course
    needs to be added and that you should receive the appropriate hours.

  2. Locate opportunities to take the needed PIL hours (Act 45) from the
    state and/or other providers by:

    State Offerings:

    • Go to Scroll down the right-hand side of the home page and locate the box called Education Hub. Click on this box.
    • When the new page appears, scroll down the left-hand side of the page and locate PA Inspired Leaders. Click on this link. You are now at the PDE site for all PIL Act 45 information.
    • Scroll down the page and find a regional map. Locate your region.
    • Go to the left-hand side of the page and click on your region. A dropdown menu will appear – click on schedule. This will take you to a page where all of the free, state offerings are listed — complete with times, days, credits and contact information.
    • Contact the person indicated to enroll in the course. If the course is filled or not available, request that the contact person write you a letter affirming that you tried to enroll, but were unable to do so because it was filled or not offered.
    • There is a section on the PDE web site on the PIL Act 45 web page where you can read more about the law, the most frequently asked questions and/or address questions directly to PDE.

    Other Provider Offerings:

    • To find offerings from other providers, return to the center of the PA Inspired Leaders page and scroll down to the center of the page.
    • New principals click on Induction and all Principals should click on Continuing Education. This is a list of all providers and programs qualifying for PIL credits.
    • You may also call PA Principals Association, PASA and PASCD to find out details about what programs each is offering.
    • Below is a direct link to PA Principals Association’s 25-hour PIL (Act 45) offering this summer July 27, 28, 29 in Gettysburg titled Creating Learning Communities for Improved Student Achievement. Click here to find out more. Click on this link to register online.
    • PA Principals Association will also be offering two 25-hour PIL programs in conjunction with its state conference in State College at The Penn Stater Hotel on October 4-6, 2009. One on Using Data to Inform Instruction and another on Creating a Culture for Student Success. More information will be available on these workshops in the future. Put these dates on your calendar.
    • We will also advertise PASA and PASCD offerings in our You Need to Know bi-weekly e-newsletter – so watch for these opportunities!
  3. How do I ask for an extension if I am unable to get into the free offerings by the state?

    By law, the state must provide free PIL programs (Act 45). If you are unable to get into the state programs, you should request a letter from the contact person stating why you were not enrolled. Then contact PDE and request an extension.

If you have other questions and/or concerns please contact us at (717) 732-4999. We hope this information is helpful to you.