How to Obtain a PPID Number

Reminder: You Need Your PP ID # to Register for the PA Principals Association Conference AND to Receive Your Act 45 and Act 48 Hours!

In an effort to keep our records as comprehensive as possible, we are asking for some additional information for our membership records (this information will not be shared with anyone else). As you know, all certified educators have been assigned a 7-digit Professional Personnel Identification number (PP ID#) generated by the PDE. The primary use of this ID is to provide an alternative to using your SSN for identification when reporting or retrieving Continuing Education credits and hours. We are currently in the process of purging the SSNs from our membership records. If we do not have your PP ID#, we will not be able to report your Act 45 or Act 48 hours to the PDE.

We strongly encourage you, if you have not already done so, to obtain your PP ID# – you may use this link to go to the PDE web site.

Membership Dues’ Increase

An annual dues’ increase for your PA Principals Association membership will go into effect on July 1, 2022. All Active Memberships will be $605. This increase will be reflected in our July renewal notices.