The “Show Them What It Takes” Project

Legislator School Visits


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On behalf of the Pennsylvania School Boards Association, the Pennsylvania Association of Intermediate Units, the Pennsylvania Association of School Administrators and the PA Principals Association, we invite you to show your legislator that our schools work for students, communities and the economy. Public education works when it has the resources required to give all students the tools and opportunities they need to succeed. Every child deserves a safe, inviting school that has class sizes small enough for students to receive personal attention, a full range of courses from English, math, science and social studies to music and art, up-to-date books and technology, special education for children with disabilities, career and technical opportunities, guidance counselors to help students with personal, academic and career decisions, and so much more.

Across Pennsylvania, community and school leaders, along with teachers, are working hard to make that vision of school a reality for every child across the commonwealth. The good news is that schools in many places are offering students the kind of environment and educational opportunities that give them the best shot at a successful future.We also know that the state’s failure to adequately invest in public education means that not every school can offer all children the opportunities they need and deserve. Even when we have great school leaders, inspired teachers and a committed community, opportunities for children come up short when we don’t adequately fund our schools. If we are to persuade our state legislators that it’s time for them to make the necessary investment in public education, we need them to understand the progressive things happening in our schools and the challenges that hold our students back from not receiving everything they require.

For legislators to understand this, we need to show them what it takes to provide all the components of a successful educational experience. The Show Them What It Takes Project has the following strategy:

  • Legislators will be invited to visit schools within their legislative district.
  • Visits will be designed so that legislators can observe firsthand, the dedication to student success, made by school leaders and classroom teachers.

The visits will be designed so that legislators can:

  • Observe that all schools need greater state investment in education
  • Understand what schools have in terms of the tools and opportunities currently available to students; and
  • Create a lasting bond between the school and themselves.

On behalf of PSBA, PAIU, PASA and the PA Principals Association, we thank you for your willingness to be a part of the Show Them What It Takes project.