Current Legal Cases

PDE Guidance to School Administrators on Recent Court Decisions Concerning Lifetime Ban on Employment for Certain Criminal Convictions – Click Here.

Access Newsletters from the Professional Standards and Practices Commission. (In an attempt to clarify reporting responsibilities, their first newsletter focuses on the how, when and why’s of reporting educator misconduct.) Click Here.

Legal Update 2012 – Handout from 2012 PA Principals Association Conference, Pittsburgh – by David Andrews, Esq.

Legal Update 2011 – Handout from 2011 PA Principals Association Conference, State College – by David Andrews, Esq.

Legal Update 2010 – Handout from 2010 PA Principals Association Conference, Pittsburgh – by David Andrews, Esq.

Background Check Requirements for PIAA Sports Officials – July 2010

Selected Issues in Education LawHandout from Legal Update at 2009 PA Principals Association Conference – by David Andrews, Esq.

Curley vs. Greater Johnstown School District (a founding Act 93 case)

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court – Chapel v. School District of the City of Allentown No. 750 C.D. 2009, December 15, 2009

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