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Tuesday, July 17, 2018 8:50 AM

Principals and districts benefit when principal supervisors move beyond the role of administrator to coach and mentor, according to a new report. It is the first of three studies of The Wallace Foundation's Principal Supervisor Initiative, a four-year, $24 million effort studied by Mathematica Policy Research and Vanderbilt University. The report, "A New Role Emerges for Principal Supervisors: Evidence from Six Districts in the Principal Supervisor Initiative," details the implementation of five key components to reshape the supervisor position in six large, urban school districts. Each district changed the job descriptions and restructured central offices so that principal supervisors could step away from operational, administrative and compliance tasks to coach, mentor and advise principals to be more effective as instructional leaders.

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Sources: NAESP Principal Insights, July 17, 2018; and Mathematica.



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